I joined a lipstick subscription service

A few months ago I was watching Shaaanxo’s video on the Live Glam KissMe Liquid Lipstick subscription service. It is no surprise that I love make up especially liquid lipsticks so it was a no brainer to decide to join.

The Live Glam KissMe Lipstick subscription is the First Liquid Lipstick subscription service ever. There are three plans you can choose from Monthly, 6 Months and Annual. I chose the Monthly subscription which is $19.99USD per month plus $3.99USD shipping, which roughly is about $30NZD per month which if you ask me is amazing as you get three new liquid lipsticks a month. I also used the link that Shannon had in her video and got another lipstick for free.

About two weeks ago it arrived. I have been testing them out and I am honestly amazed at the quality of the lipsticks.

The theme of this months lipsticks was a bright vibrant summer ice cream sweet theme.


The lipsticks arrived in this cute blue bag and came with a description of each of the colours. I am going to be honest but these colours are not ones that I would usually purchase myself and after trying them out I was pleasantly surprised about how I felt about them.


Sherbert –  This is a neon pinky orangey shade that at first I thought it wouldn’t suit me at all. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that it did. This may just be my new favourite lipstick shade.

Pink Cherry – This shade is very bright. As much as I love bright pink lipstick this wasn’t one of my favourites. It took two coats to become opaque and and stained my lips. I like the lipstick but I wouldn’t always reach for it.

Berry – OMG I LOVE THIS COLOUR!!!! I’ve never tried a purple lipstick before and I absoultely love this. It takes two coats to become opaque and is such beautiful bold colour.


Pillow Talk – This was the free lipstick I received. This is your typical nudey pink lipstick. Its nice and I can see myself wearing it time and time again.

Another thing I love about this subscription service is that they provide everyone with a link to give their friends, family and social media followers to use when they first sign up and when they use it they receive a fourth lipstick lipstick for free. If your friends, family or follwers use your link then you get fourth lipstick to your next months subscription or reward points that you can use to redeem awesome rewards.

If you decided that you would love to use this service and want a fourth lipstick be sure to use my link  https://liveglam.com/kissme?ref=kaylapailthorpe

Until next time,

Kayla Jay xo

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