2017 was such a whirlwind so much happened, both good and bad. I’m more so on the bandwagon of 2017 being the year from hell rather than it being the best year ever. One of the my favourite things about a new year is to reflect on the that was. Reminiscing on that good times and reflecting on the lessons that the bad times taught me.



I spent the first few weeks of the January in Australia, this was the first time I have spentΒ  the new year in a different country. It was also the longest time I have spent in a different country. I spent the first couple of weeks with family, then I went and joined my best friend out in the Gold Coast for the last few days.


Nothing really significant happened during the months between February and May. Life continued as normal. In February my best friend came over to mine and went to the Waitangi Day Races, I bet on a horse and it lost. My Nana and I went on a boat around Wellington Harbour, something that we had literally been planning to do for the last 8 years. We made a day of it and also went to the bug exhibition at Te Papa, it was such a memorable time. I love spending time with my Nana, I love all the little outings we go on. Something I wish we did more of last year.


In March it was my best friends birthday. We went to the Fishermans Table for lunch and ended up having a impromptu photo shoot on the beach. We also went to the Wellington Food and Wine Festival and had tried lots of wine and food from popular restaurants around the city. My favourite drink from the festival was a mocktail from one of the local cinemas.


In May I graduated from University for the second time. My mum and grandparent came along to the ceremony. I am this first person in my immediate family to have graduated from university not only once but twice. An accomplishment that I am extremely proud of.


What a month June was. It started off really well, I turned 22 and threw a birthday party for the first time since I was at least 6 (every other birthday has been celebrated with a dinner and a few friends). My mum and I finally got to have some time off work at the same time and went on a road trip up to the Field Days in Hamilton.

On our drive home our lives were turned completely upside down when an oncoming vehicle went over the centre line of the road. It hit us and spun our car round. My Mum and I were incredibly lucky to be able to walk away from this accident. We were injured but nothing life threatening. All the safety features of our car saved our lives. I spent the rest of the month recovering and going to doctors/hospital/physio appointments to make that my injuries were healing.

July – OctoberΒ 

My time from July till early October was spent raising 400 baby cows all on my own. It was incredibly time consuming and a lot of hard work. I’m incredibly happy with how all of my babies turned out. My goal was to insure that they all had the best entrance in to the world and that they grew into happy and healthy animals. My mum and I also took in a three week old orphaned South Devon calf who we called Martyn. I planned the trip of a life time to Hawaii which as I write this is only a couple of weeks away.

November – DecemberΒ 

November and December was mainly taken up by work. But in November I went and got my eye tested. It turned out that my perfect vision was no longer so perfect, which made me the newest member of my family to wear prescription glasses.

In December my friend graduated from university and I went and supported her at her graduation ceremony. My family from Australia came over for Christmas and we had a lovely time celebrating on the farm.

Overall 2017 was an alright year, definitely not my favourite year but apart from accident and dealing with the physical and mental injuries that ultimately put a downer on the year I have had some really good moments.

Here’s to 2018, maybe in be the best year of my life, where I do some really amazing things and achieve all of my goals.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful year ❀

Kayla Jay xo

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