For the past few years I have absolutely loved building up an beauty collection. Make up, body and skincare, I love testing products out, finding holy grails, finding out what works for my skin and experimenting with different make up looks. I’ve learned that in the world of beauty that it is very much a process of trial and error. Some products are going to work and some products don’t.

Thus far in my beauty endeavour I have found five products that I am constantly reaching for, well five categories of products I will constantly reach for because if I’m completely honest for a couple of products I find it hard narrowing it down to just one.

BB/CC Cream

I didn’t really start getting in the make up till I was 18. I didn’t really have the need to wear make up because it wasn’t allowed at school (lol yes I abided by school rules because I was terrified of getting in trouble) and I was scared foundation out because I have freckles all over my face and rosy red cheeks. I thought it would make me look silly and I had no idea how to apply it correctly. Then I discovered Maybelline’s BB cream and the rest history. I prefer BB/CC cream way more that foundation and would rather reach for it than a medium to high coverage foundation. They are so comfortable on the skin and look natural, they enhance what you have rather than covering it up. Plus the majority have an high SPF which is protecting your skin from from the suns rays. My favourite BB/CC creams are they Maybelline ‘Dream BB Fresh’ and the It Cosmetics ‘ Your Skin But Better CC+’. Both creams are amazing but recently I have have found myself reaching for the It cosmetics CC cream because it has the highest SPF which is important during a kiwi summer.


Highlighter is my absolute favourite part of my make up routine! I just love the glowy look they add to a full face of make up. I love a subtle highlight, a colourful highlight, powder, cream, in stick form, loose powder, in a pan, you name it. I love using pearly colours when I do natural make up or a purple highlight for when I’m feeling a little daring. Probably the highlighter I reach for the most is my Xo Beauty highlighter in Aurora, it is such a versatile, buildable product that could suit lots of different looks.

Glossy/Blamy Lip Products

For the longest time I was purely a matte lip kind of girl. I wore Kylie Cosmetics liquid matte lips whenever I did my make up. But as I have gotten older I have become less a fan of the matte lip looks. I find they just dry my lips out, so I don’t wear them as often as I once did. I now find myself leaning towards just wearing a lip glow, balm or gloss when I do make up as I have been doing mainly natural make up looks in the last few months. I’ve found three products that I love to use. I reach for my Xo Beauty creme caramel lip balm for everyday use and then when I do my make up I reach for either my Dior lip glow in 110 holo pink or my Fenty Beauty lip gloss.

An Extreme Moisturiser

I think it’s important to keep my skin hydrated. I suffer from dry to combination skin and tend to get quite dry around my chin which it gets really irritating. Using the Orgins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask on my skin a few times a week to be amazing at keeping the dryness at bay.

Body Mist/ Perfume

I love all kinds of perfume but I find myself reaching for this one daily. I brought this on a trip to the USA at Bath and Body Works and have been using it for two months and have barely made a dent in it. It smells of vanilla, almond flower and white iris and for a body mist the scent is strong and stays on the skin all day.

I’d love to know what products you reach for the most, let me know in the comments below โฌ‡๏ธ

Till next time,

Kayla Jay xx


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