Hello Everyone!!! Today I thought I would do a more personal post and share 10 things that you probably don’t know about me. I find it super interesting reading other people’s facts about them, so I thought I would do my own as it is a good way for you guys to get to know me.


Sculptures of the Earth and Mars that I saw when I visited Te Papa in Wellington recently

FACT ONE: I have been fascinated by space since I was 6 years old after my teacher brought in brand new pictures that had been taken of the planets in 2001. Since then I have loved reading books, googling and watching documentaries on space. I have fallen down many YouTube holes watching video about random facts of all the planets, stars and galaxies. I find it so crazy just how small we are in the whole grand scheme of things and how infinite the universe is. I love going to the observatory and watching the shows that they play in the dome and looking through the telescope. I would love to own a telescope at some point in my life.


My Nana and I walking to my postgraduate diploma graduation ceremony in May 2017

FACT TWO: I have two University qualifications. A bachelors degree in media and a postgraduate diploma in teaching early childhood.

FACT THREE: As I child I loved the colour purple, collected porcelain fairies and all things butterfly themed.

FACT FOUR: I was heavily involved in calf club from ages 7-13. Each year I would train my calf how to walk on a lead and brush it when I got home from school from July – October. I would take them to lamb and calf day, group days and local A&P shows. It was one of the few things as a child I was really good at. I would more often than not place with my calves, often getting firsts, seconds, champions and sometimes thirds. On my last calf and lamb day I received champion of champions which was a proud moment in my childhood. At the local A&P shows if you placed you received a cash prize, which is how I made my pocket money for the year.


a chicken, cranberry and brie open sandwich I had the other day at a cafe

FACT FIVE: My favourite food combination is chicken, cranberry and brie. My favourite way to have this delicious combo is on a pizza and sandwichesย ๐Ÿ•

FACT SIX: I have never not had a pet and have been surrounded by animals since I was a baby.

FACT SEVEN: I bite my tongue when I concentrate and have done so since I was 7.


painting the walls with grandad in 1997

FACT EIGHT:ย My grandparents where very involved in my upbringing and as an adult I still talk to them everyday. From ages 1- 5ย I was always two steps behind my grandad, I was his little shadow. If he was doing work in the garden, I would be in the garden helping him. If he was watching tv I would be sitting on the couch watching the tv with him. If he was painting walls, I would be next to him ‘painting’ the walls with my own paint brush.

FACT NINE: I attended boarding school. For the first few years I was extremely opposed to the idea. I desperately hoped each year my mum would let me become a day student but she didn’t and I attend for my entire high school life. Looking back now I am happy I didn’t leave as some of my fondest and funniest memories come from boarding school.

FACT TEN: My favourite holiday destination is Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii. I went there in January and had the most amazing time. I could spend all day in the lazy river I was given the chance. It’s such a nice relaxing resort with a touch of Disney. I loved it so much that I will definitely be planning a trip back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learnt something interesting about me. Did you collect anything random as a child ? If so comment below

Till next time,

Kayla Jay xo

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