What’s in my Bag ? – Michael Kors Tina bag

I love watching what’s in my bag videos on YouTube. I find it so interesting to see what people carry around in their bags. I’ve learnt that people can either carry an excessive amount or carry just the essentials. So today I thought I would do a what’s in my bag but in blog form.


My handbag is a Michael Kors bag in the ‘Tina’ style, it is a light baby pink colour with gold plating. It doesn’t fit a lot in it which I think is good because it only fits the essentials. I would recommend using a smaller wallet or card holder to make the most of the space in this bag. It has a pocket at the back which is perfect for putting my phone in. It’s a versatile bag that worn in two ways, on the shoulder or cross body. I prefer wearing it cross body.



When it comes to how much can fit it in this handbag it’s on the smaller side. I can fit everything I have listed down below in this bag comfortably but I would be pushing it to fit anything else in. I brought this bag from the Michael Kors store at the Waikele Outlet Mall in Hawaii. Originally $328 I got this bag for $140 that’s to the store having a 50% of sale store wide. This is my first ‘designer’ bag and I am very happy with it.

Now that I have given you the down low about my bag let’s get into what is in my bag.



When I use this bag and other smaller bags I use this holographic wallet from Colette by Colette Hayman, it has space for your cash, coins and most used cards. I love using wallets this size when using handbags that are on the smaller side as they don’t take up much space inside the bag.



I always use the back pocket of this bag to store my phone. I have an iPhone 5 S, she is old and very much ready for an upgrade.



It’s autumn here in New Zealand but we are still having sunny days so sunglasses are a must. I got my from The Warehouse for $15.

Lip balm and hand sanitizer


My hand sanitizer and lip balm are my most used beauty products in my bag. I keep them in the front pocket as it is easy place to reach for them. My hand sanitizer is from Bath and Body Works and my lip balm is from Xo Beauty.

Make up Pouch


I put my products that I do not use as much in my Zoella Beauty make up pouch. I keep my YSL black opium perfume, a hair tie, a face powder and a mini real techniques powder brush in there (if I’m wearing makeup). I find it best putting products like these in a pouch as it ensures that everything is in one place rather than hanging around the bottom of my bag.

Would I recommend this bag ?

If you love this bag and plan on using it for events like weddings, evenings out, to a fancy dinner or on a shopping trip then yes I would totally recommend it. But if you want to purchase it with the intention of packing lots in to it then I suggest that you look for a larger bag as this bag doesn’t fit a lot in it.

This is one of four handbags that I reach for and is by far one of my favourites. Do you have one bag you always use or do you go between handbags depending on the occasion ? What do you keep in your bag?

Until Next Time,

Kayla Jay xo

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