At the beginning of this week I went on a short trip to the South Island with my nana and cousin after scoring cheap plane tickets on grabaseat.

About four months ago when my cousin Neve came to the airport to see me off too Hawaii she said to me “I wish we could go on a trip sometime”. I kept that in the back of my mind and every now and then I would go on grabaseat and see if I could find any cheap plane tickets. I found $19 tickets to Blenheim whilst I was in the middle of town and booked them straight away. I also booked my Nana a ticket as well as all three of our birthdays fall in Gemini season. The only catch of this trip was that it would be on a Monday night and we would come home the following afternoon, so I would have to give them their birthday presents a month and two months early. Which of course the we’re happy with.

Monday was the day of the trip and I woke up and the clouds were low, it was pouring down with rain. Low clouds usually mean cancelled flights, but luckily by 7pm the clouds were gone and the flight was going ahead. But it was delayed by 45min surprisingly for non weather related reasons.

The flight over the was extremely turbulent and as we were descending hit a air pocket. I’m a good flyer for the most part but this flight was intense! The flight back was lovely, as it was a nice clear blue day with amazing views of Wellington.

We arrived in Blenheim got a hot chocolate and settled into our motel for the night. We then got up in the morning, treated ourselves to maccas for breakfast as that was the only place we knew how to get to after getting a hot chocolate there the night before. We then had a look at the warehouse (Neves request), the op shop (Nanas request) and the bookshop (my request). We then had a look at the local museum before heading off to airport to fly home in the early afternoon (which was also delayed).

We all had a great time and even though we went away for 18 hours at the most. It was nice to go to the the South Island. I felt like I was able to get away from my work, life routine for the day, which was refreshing. I would totally recommend doing something like this, it’s so much fun. I know I will definitely be doing something like this again.

I decided to vlog the trip so be sure to check it out in the link below. I really enjoy making this video and think I may start vlogging more regularly so be sure to subscribe if you like it โ˜บ๏ธ


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