Since birth I have been surrounded by multiple animals. At one I point we had five cats, a dog, a rabbit, a couple of fish and hundreds of cows. So when I get called a crazy cat lady for having three cats I am left baffled as I really don’t think that it is an excessive amount of cats to have (or pets in general tbh). Also I feel being called a crazy cat lady in exclusively labeling me as only a lover of cats but this is simply not true. I am a lover all animals, I just happened to recuse three cats when I was 20. So friends and family if you want to label me and my love for animals I would prefer to be called a ‘crazy animal lady’ thank you very much. Although in today’s post I will embrace my inner crazy cat lady and talk about my cats and their rescue story’s as I think they are quite unique and special.

I have three two year old cats, one ginger and two tabby cats that I accumulated in the  New Zealand summer and autumn of 2016.  All I have rescued from the wild, they where wild farm kittens that where on their own way too young. The three of them have different rescue stories so this blog post is going to be split into three section for each cat  which will go over their rescue story plus their personalities/quirks.


Eddie’s Rescue Story

Eddie was the first cat that we rescued alongside his two siblings Ben and Jerry who we later re-homed to a loving family. It was late November in 2015 and my mum was driving back home through the farm when she saw three kittens no more than a month old walking along one of the races on the farm. Mum had noticed that the mother cat had tragically passed away so she decided to scoop them up and take them back to our home as there would of been no way that they would have survived on their own out in the wild so young. We set up a space for their bedding, litter and food and that was that.

Eddie’s Personality

Edward Sheeran Gingernuts Pailthorpe is my special ginger cat (yes he is named after Ed Sheeran) and he is your typical ginger cats in every single way. He is a silly cat, that doesn’t necessarily think before he acts and loves attention and his extremely clingy to those that he trusts. I call Edward many names all of which he answers to, those being Ed, Eddie, Eduardo and Eddie Bear. Eddie is my sidekick, he is always by my side (even right now as I write this he is sitting next to me). Most of the time he is only a metre away.

Eddie is the clown of the my feline trio. He puts himself in the funniest places and positions. He loves putting himself in bags, boxes, washing baskets and shelves. One of his silliest moments was when he was a year old and he decided to hop on top of the cupboards in our kitchen then jump down in to the back corner and got stuck. It took making a funny basket connected to a rope contraption and moving the dishwasher out of the way to get him out. Apart from his goofy side Eddie is also has a very loving and caring cat. He brought Daisy home and taught her how to be a house cat, he always snuggles and looks out for her which is beautiful to watch. He is also a greedy guts who has super sonic hearing when I am feeding the others, he will knock down the cat food and sneaks a cheeky paw into the cat food container when he thinks I’m not looking.

I call him my emotional support animal as he is amazing at sensing all of my emotions. He knows when I am upset, scared, worried etc and will spend all of this time by my side. It is very comforting and in a way it feels like is here to protect me.


Theodore’s Rescue Story 

Theodore was a wild kitten that lived in our garden for a month before I was able to properly rescue him and that month was heartbreaking to watch. It seemed as though Theodore had separated from his litter very young and ended up in our garden. He lived in the flax bush, ate the baby birds that feel from the giant tree in our backyard and sometimes I would find him climbing up the house in search for food. He was not in good health and it broke my heart. Having recently rescued Eddie and his brothers and felt the need to help this little dude as well. Everybody deserves an equal chance at life and this is what I was going to give Theo. I put food out for him everyday, put a warm blanket/bed for him to sleep in at night time and would sit out side with him most days. He slowly started to trust me. All of a sudden he came down with pneumonia and came to me for help. I remember picking him up and him snuggling into my neck. I nursed him back to health and he became an official member of my cat gang.

Theodore’s Personality 

Theodore got his name after I googled names that meant ‘miracle’ as he is my little miracle that survived against all odds. He also goes by the names Theo, Doors and Mr Doors. Theodore is a very independent cat that doesn’t depend on being a member of a group. He much prefers the company of humans rather than other cats. He is a loner cat that loves spending time on his own. He does love spending time with Eddie and Daisy, but this is usually when they are all inside snuggling. Out of all the cats he knows where the food is kept and will rub himself against their food draw until someone decides to feed him, he mostly does this when it is not meal time.  Eddie and Daisy like to go out and adventure around the farm for days on end but Theo prefers to stays at home. During the day he is either inside napping or sitting outside the front of the house like our own personal security guard. Theodore loves playing with toys, his favourite toy is a fish on a string called Mr Fish.


Daisy’s Rescue Story 

Daisy’s rescue story is a little different to the boy’s as I feel that she adopted us. Daisy didn’t pop into our lives until March of 2016 when she kept coming to the house to hang out with Eddie and Theodore. After a few visits Eddie decided to show her the cat door and how that works, were there feeding station is and what cat food is. I would come home to her and Edward snuggled up in the spare room. This happened for about two months. She was a part of the household, we just couldn’t pat or touch her but if Eddie was near me she wouldn’t mind getting close. I worked really hard to tame her as we were moving in a couple of months and I wanted to bring her as she was at home all the time and leaving her there would just been cruel. Moving day came and we were able to get her to bring her to our new home and she has been here ever since. She has become come very tame, she doesn’t mind pats from us now and loves sitting on our laps in the evening.

Daisy’s Personality 

Daisy is a shy timid little girl who loves Edward with all her heart. As she was over two and a bit months when she became apart of our household she is still really shy when it comes to people she doesn’t know. But once you show her love and give her food then she is your best friend. I am her only trusted person and have put a lot of hours in to gaining her trust to the point she follows me around, let’s me pat her and pick her up. Apart from sleeping on other people beds and the occasion pat from my mum, nana and cousin no one else in my family or my friends can get the lovey dovey treatment from her. She goes by the names Little Miss, Daisy Daze, Daze Daze (all of which she answers too). Her favourite toy is a ball which she bats around the house like she is playing soccer.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how my three cats walked in to my life, they came into my life so unexpectedly but at the right time use when I needed them. Do have you rescued any animals before? I’d love to hear your story’s ! If your looking to get a pet please consider adopting as their are so many beautiful animals I need of forever homes !

My cats have an Instagram account (yes I am that cat mum) which you can check out if you click here

Until Next Time,

Kayla Jay xo

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